As of October 2020 Opalstack supports manual Subversion repository creation via svnadmin and repo access via svn+ssh. Support for HTTPS access to repositories is coming soon!

To create a Subversion repo:

  1. Create a new shell user. You can use an existing shell user if you wish.

  2. Log in to SSH as your shell user.

  3. Run the following command to create your repository. This example will create a repo named myrepo in the root of the shell user's home directory:

    svnadmin create ~/myrepo

To access a Subversion repo:

  1. Open a terminal window on your local machine

  2. Use the svn command to access the repo over the svn+ssh protocol. This example will check out the myrepo repository that was created in the example in step 3 above, using myuser as the shell user name: svn checkout svn+ssh://

If you're using a GUI Subversion client that supports svn+ssh then you can configure your repo connection to use that same connection URL.