Affiliate Program

Opalstack has partnered with LinkMink to create an affiliate referral program that rewards you for promoting Opalstack on your own website and social media.

Participants in the affiliate program earn 10% of what their referrals spend each month, paid mid-month (usually on the 15th) via Paypal.

A referred Opalstack account must be active and in good standing for at least 30 days before any referral commission can be paid.

Participation in the affiliate program requires registration with LinkMink and is subject to LinkMink's privacy policy and terms of service.

Getting Started

To get started in Opalstack's affiliate program:

  1. Sign up for the program: Opalstack Affiliate Program @ LinkMink

    If you already have a LinkMink account you can use the "Connect an Existing LinkMink Account to Opalstack" link on that page to use your existing account.

  2. Get your Opalstack affiliate link from your LinkMink dashboard.

    Your link will resemble with the XXXXXX replaced by a random alphanumeric code.

  3. Share your affiliate link on your website, blog, social media, and with friends who are shopping for web and email hosting.

    Please share responsibly - don't spam! Complaints of link spamming will result in the termination of your affiliate account.

Affiliate Dashboard

Your affiliate dashboard is available at LinkMink and has the following features:

  • Overview: the Overview page shows your affiliate link and recent affiliate program activity
  • Leads: the Leads page shows the unique visitors from your affiliate links and where they came from
  • Referrals: the Referrals page shows subscription activity for leads that have become paying customers
  • Commissions: the Commissions page shows what you're earning from your referrals.
  • Payouts: the Payouts page shows the history of your commission payments.
  • Settings: the Settings page lets you manage your LinkMink account, payout destination, and communication preferences.