WordPress is a popular content management system built with PHP.


To install a WordPress application:

  1. Follow our general instructions for adding applications and select "WordPress" as the application type in step 5.

  2. An additional option "Manage Site URL" will appear. when this option is selected and your WordPress application is added to a site, the Opalstack dashboard will automatically configure your WordPress application settings to use the correct URL. Opalstack recommends that you do not enable this option on a WordPress site that has multiple domains attached to it.

  3. After the application has been created, your initial WordPress username and password will be logged in your Notice Log.

  4. Complete the setup by adding the WordPress application to a site.


  • WordPress uses "wordpress@domain.com" as the sender address for password reset emails. If your domain is using Opalstack's email system then be sure to create a "wordpress@" address for your domain. Please refer to Adding Email Addresses for more information.
  • If you delete a WordPress application, the application's database and database user will not be deleted automatically. If you want to delete those items then instructions are available at: