API Guide

Your Opalstack dashboard is powered by a JSON REST API that you can use to automate various tasks.

API Tokens

API tokens are used to authenticate your API requests and are managed by clicking Tokens in the dashboard sidebar.

Creating API Tokens

To create an API token:

  1. Click Tokens in the dashboard sidebar.

  2. Click the green "Create API Token" button in the top-right corner of the page. A form will appear.

  3. Enter a name for the token. This is a label to help you keep your tokens organized by their purpose, project, etc.

  4. Click the green "Create Token" button on the form to save your new token.

  5. The token value is now available in the list of tokens.

Deleting API Tokens

To delete an API token:

  1. Click Tokens in the dashboard sidebar.

  2. Click the checkbox in the leftmost column of the token list for the tokens that you want to delete. A red "Delete Tokens" button will appear above the token list.

  3. Click the red "Delete Tokens" button. A confirmation prompt will appear.

  4. Click the red "Delete Tokens" button in the confirmation prompt to delete the selected tokens.

API Reference

Generated API reference documentation is available online in 2 formats:

API Tutorial and Examples

This page will be updated in the future to include a tutorial with examples in a variety of scripting languages.

For now, a basic example using curl is available at the top of the Opalstack API reference doc.